What I Learned from September Vogue

As I skimmed September’s Vogue, which my husband mistakenly took for a collegiate textbook, I was caught by such a surprising article. Yes, Vogue is known for their waif-ish models and unattainable ideas of beauty, however the article labeled as Beauty Phenomenon made me stop.

“About Face” written by Leslie Camhi, talks about the concept of celebrating individuality when it comes to beauty. With every face starting to look the same, over filtered and over-amplified, now is the time to break free. Yes, Vogue, yes!

“After women so blank as to appear interchangeable, we crave the depth of character alluded to by the strong features: uncommon wide-set eyes, a cloud of untamable hair, or a distinguished nose.” -Leslie Camhi, Vogue

“About Face” also goes on to say beauty, specifically as it relates to models but can be transcended beyond (to us non-models), is about a well-rounded woman. Character is becoming even more important – hallelujah! In a nutshell, be more than just your beauty and embrace the imperfection. That is a page we all can earmark!

People who are different intrigue and inspire us. We can often be our worst critics. With the rise of social media, we not only have one critic but we open ourselves up to thousands. We are so much more than our face – we are our wisdom, talent, passion, drive, and devotion.

“Embrace your flaws. It will leave you more time to feed your soul.” -Leslie Camhi, Vogue

A step in the right direction!

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