When You Have to Fire Your Instagram Husband

“Anything you want to do before we leave?” My husband asked as we exited one of the quaint little oceanfront shops. We had taken advantage of one of his rare days off from “adulting,” which are few and far between since my husband is a med student. We decided a beach day was just what the doctor ordered – no pun intended.

“I would love to get a picture on the beach for my blog…” He was happy to oblige, so we walked down the long wooden walkway to the beach entrance. It was still packed with people celebrating Labor Day.

“Oh, it’s super crowded down here…” I said. I am not big on crowds, especially for photos. My husband knew the beach was less crowded at the far end… quite a ways away. In so many words my husband hinted he wasn’t going to trek the beach and get his feet sandy again for my one photo. Can you fire a pro bono Instagram Husband!? Because that is where this is going!

I honestly don’t think my darling hubby knows the extent of a true Instagram Husband… his head has been enclaved in a USMLE prep book too long! Many husbands and boyfriends act as the unofficial photographers for their ladies – prodded to get the best angle, optimal scenery, and ideal lighting for these IG photos.

“I took 57 photos of her putting on Chapstick in the mirror while trying not to be in the picture. HELP.”

Him: “Are you gonna look at me?” Her: “No. Just take it like you found me here like this. Take it like I didn’t ask you to take it.” Him: “But you did ask me to take it.” Her: “Shhhhhhh. YOU HAVE TO TAKE THIS PICTURE FROM THAT CORNER. GO. NOW.”

“What’s really great about this shot is that it happened in the moment. The moment we finished taking the other 23 shots.”

Find more hilarious captions at http://instagramhusband.com

My husband is such a salt of the earth guy, more the type to enjoy the scenery rather than photograph it do death (that would be me). In that moment, I couldn’t be mad or upset. He made me really stop and think… do I really need that photo or can I just enjoy his company? And of course it didn’t matter, I had my amazing tall drink of water with me on one of our few days together. Sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the moment, sans  photo.

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