Chasing The Light: A Fresh Perspective

“Are you sure you want to shoot into the sun?” My husband asked.

“Yup, I do!” Click. Click.

Many people are perplexed by this, and may still be stuck in the old way of thinking about light and photography. Thankfully I am newer to the hobby, and I can view with a fresh perspective. I am of the mind that doing it the old way, isn’t necessary the best way. The new age of photographers aren’t scared of direct light, lens flare or shadows. Embracing the differences makes photographs special, in an artistic way.

I love lens flare. A lens hood is enemy number one – don’t care to use it! I find it amazing how the sun at golden hour can create so much substance and enjoyable distortions. Just beautiful. I don’t mind glowing orbs or bright pulses of light. Not scared. Click. Click.

Below is an example of a photography project I am work on, which includes visual storytelling. The concept focuses on the bond between my husband Matt and our dog, Elle. I had Matt stand facing the sun with Elle hanging sweetly over his shoulder. I shot straight into the sun, letting the light bounce off the glass of my lens and create a halo around my two darlings.


This was during the golden hour (just before sunset) and cast warm tones on the skin, which I personally love. The orb of light cut off one of Elle’s eyes, but she appears to be peeking out from it. This type of shot may not be for everyone, but I enjoy how unique it is.

Below is another photo from 2015, a session with my dear friend and her baby. Again, the sun was hitting them directly and I was shooting straight on. The early morning sun was creating a nice flare on my lens, you can see it peeking out between the two subjects nose to nose. Lovely!


Don’t be afraid to try something new! The great thing about having photography as a hobby, is I can take risks and think outside of the box… and I don’t have to worry about angry customers.

Happy shooting!

2 thoughts on “Chasing The Light: A Fresh Perspective

  1. cwaugh212 says:

    It is much easier and cheaper to experiment with digital photography. Many from the old school (moi included) used to shoot with regular film and not see the results for days. Each wasted shot cost money. Your easy and wonderful experimentation is a direct result of being able to see results immediately and delete the bad experiments with subsequent retries. I love your two photographs. Very artistic.

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