Exploring Driftwood Beach

I knew this beach was going to be amazing. When I moved to Georgia, I had heard rumblings  of a place called Jekyll Island. With one big (and incurable) case of wanderlust, I had to know more. I saw incredible photos on Instagram when I searched “Jekyll Island,” there appeared to be a beach full of driftwood?! I had to see it, and I couldn’t wait to get my camera lens on it!

I packed up my weekender and headed to Georgia’s Golden Isles. Loving historic hotels – and a steal at the 50% off “last-minute” rate – I stayed at the Jekyll Island Club. The hotel has an immense amount of history, filled to the brim with culture of the elite who once frequented there. Lugging ten pounds of camera equipment and my bags to the room, I made a quick change and headed off to the beach.


Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island at dusk

Driftwood Beach is magical – haunted by the ruins of trees which once were beautiful. The remnants of their trunks, fallen over and sullen, still are somehow mesmerizing. The trees may be dead, but everything else is very much alive! It was a statuary for a host of animals including jellyfish, pelicans, crabs, skates, sand-dollars, prawns – the list goes on.

I arrived at the golden hour, eager to walk the shores and scout a spot for photographing the sunset. I was amazed by the trees, they were twisted and sullen, almost as if in anguish or torment. Remnants of stumps poked up from the sand, a memory of what once stood tall.


Befriending the driftwood on Jekyll Island

This scene is a photographer’s dream. There was no bad angle and there was so much to shoot. I thought I was going to run out of frames! The Georgia evening was warm and not even a whisper of fall. A perfect setting.

Armed with a shutter release, bug spray, and a blanket, I waited for the sun to set, creating the most splendid pink sunset. I vowed to the sun I would see her again in the morning… the colors of dusk I imagined, would be just as stunning.


A menagerie of colors bestowed by the sun

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