When They Don’t Pick You

Rejection. The word “no.” Nothing makes me cringe more than a missed opportunity. Immediately, that rejection turns into a scrutinizing self-assessment of why I wasn’t good enough. Self-doubt creeps in. Life is messy. I may have gotten passed over for the promotion or not selected to be published this month – but that doesn’t mean I am eternally overlooked.

So they didn’t pick me, but there are other plans for me. This can be hard to grasp in the midst of wanting something so intensely. If I think of every “no” in my past, it has yielded something better than what would have been if it was indeed a “yes.” Is this mechanism we as people use to cope? Or is it really true that there is a path for me which has been paved to clear the way for something greater?
2015-03-04_1425497670I am a firm believer in God who governs my life and wants me to succeed. His every diversion is always intentional, there is something to be gleaned from the journey. I have learned things I had wished so hard for, ended up not being quite meant for me. God always knows where to lead me!

A bad day, doesn’t mean a bad life.

Today, I had to remind myself to be thankful. When I face rejection it can turn my day sour. But a bad day, doesn’t mean a bad life. I am blessed to have a husband who listens to me as I go on and on about my disappointment. Once the venting is over, I reflect. I use the rejection to fuel the fire, work harder, and continue the path because who knows when the next “yes” is just around the corner.

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