Some Thought-Provoking Quotes This Week

Pushing the envelope with photographs:

“To be able to take my pictures, I have to look, all the time, at the people and places I care about. And I must do so with both warm ardor and cool appraisal, with the passions of both eye and heart, but in that ardent heart there must also be a splinter of ice.” -Sally Mann, Photographer

The importance of safety at school:

“A good university is like a tiny utopia. It’s a miniature model of how the whole of society could look. That model should also include freedom from all forms of violence. That’s why, we believe, that students should leave university believing in, striving for, and expecting societies of true equality in every sense and that universities have the power to be a vital catalyst for change. The university experience must make it clear that the safety of women, minorities and anyone who may be vulnerable, is a right and not a privilege.” -Emma Watson, Actress/UN Goodwill Ambassador
books-1Questioning societies views on contribution:

“I’ve never seen the maturation of a woman as a negative thing. I’ve never seen a woman stepping into her more powerful self as a negative.Why are we talking about how women look? Why do we value beauty over contribution? We don’t seem to value beauty over contribution for men. It’s simply not a conversation.” -Renee Zellweger, Actress

A interesting thought on Insta-fame:

“The only reason I like Instagram is I get to share with my friends where I am. Though I would never book a girl or a guy just because of the number of followers on their Instagram. But anything to encourage people to take pictures instead of shooting a gun, I think, is just great.” -Bruce Weber, Fashion Photographer

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