A New England Girl Has Her First Season Change in Georgia

New England will always be home. I was born in Massachusetts, then when I was very young, my family decided move to New Hampshire (I thankfully managed to avoid having a harsh accent). Later in life, I relocated to beautiful state of Maine. In between these times, I lived in Oregon and now Georgia.

The northeastern states are known for their fall foliage and beautiful passage of the seasons – a time I miss very much. Growing up fall was one of my favorite times, filled with apple-picking, selecting pumpkins, leaf-peeping, warm cocoa, big thick scarves, and the scent of pie baking.
426Now, living in a place where it is still 85+ degrees in late September has been quite the adjustment, I even have flowers blooming in my yard! I have swapped the typical pumpkin spice latte for a sweet tea… and you can forget cute riding boots and blanket scarves – I am still in shorts!

Fall is tied to some great memories and I think that is what makes it so incredibly special. The times my family visited a place called Applecrest in North Hampton, NH. We would go almost every year and walk the long rows of the orchard, looking for a perfectly rounded golden delicious just within arm’s reach.

In Maine, I had lived right next to two enormous orchards. The owners were lovely, letting me photograph tirelessley as the blossoms began to peak. Last September, my husband and I had walked among the trees and brought home a huge bag of assorted apples. I made crisp for the first time.img_1683-1With fall comes winter. New England winters were rough! Here in Georgia, I am looking forward to mild temperatures, where I can still function outside without four feet of snow. The south does have its perks. We will make new traditions. Fall won’t be exactly the same as I remember, but it will give way to something new

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