One Photo Three Ways

I  have been seeing all types of desaturated images around the interweb. Everything is starting to look gloomy and dark! My preference for editing photos is the exact opposite – I love full color and high exposure with lots of light. I tend to like warmer tones with increased shadows. I would say it definitely depends on the photo!

These days with the power of Lightroom and Photoshop, anyone can adjust a photo’s natural colors to enhance the original. Editing is definitely a personal preference, and I wanted to conduct and experiment and get some opinions.

Below, I edited the same photo three ways:


1. Darker tones, extreme decrease in saturation, cooler


2. Lowered highlights to zero and increased shadows, warmer


3. Increased exposure, higher green saturation

What photo do you prefer? Please comment and tell me why!

8 thoughts on “One Photo Three Ways

  1. K.M. Sutton says:

    They really are all different. Going back and forth between the second and third. I love the sharpness of the third, but the colors in the second are beautiful with the emphasis on the petals and the blurred green reminds me of a monet painting ❤

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