How .33 College Credits Made Me Cry: Part Two

Read How .33 College Credits Made Me Cry: Part One to get familiar with my ordeal. In a nutshell, I am currently short .33 credits for my undergrad due to a mistake the school made on my transcript. I spoke with the registrar and advisers, all in all nothing could be done except take an extra class next term. Which will make four total…and did I mention I work full-time?! The school didn’t even offer me a work-study or independent study, which is odd considering I currently work in the field I am studying!

There is a silver lining, since the school made an error they decided to pay for the extra class I have to take. My advisor used the word “scholarship,” which I thought was amusing! They recommended I take an easy 100 level class which would require minimal work and be a “slam dunk.”
collegeThe next term starts in one week, which means my busy life is about to get even more crazy. I started off my degree taking one or two classes per term which was perfect. As I near the end, I have been more aggressive. This term I am managing three:

  • Organizational Leadership/Capstone
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Digital Photography

The workload has been intense, but since I don’t really do anything outside of work and date nights with my hubby, I managed to fit it in. Four will be a stretch though. I could have taken two this term and two next term, but I have my mind set on graduating by December. If I did only two, that would set my graduation back to March. Ugh.

Overall, I am a bit disappointed with the school’s course of action for their mistake. Hopefully they will watch more closely next time!

Oh, and if you need me, I will be here studying.

2 thoughts on “How .33 College Credits Made Me Cry: Part Two

  1. Mack says:

    Girl, I am with you on the study front alllll the way. That whole situation is INCREDIBLY frustrating, and I’m sorry that happened 😦 It will go by before you know it! Good luck with the studies. It will be so worth it!

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