Visiting Toccoa Falls in Northern Georgia

About 2.5 hours north of Augusta is a town called Toccoa, and nested right next to their college is a waterfall of grand proportions. According to at 186 feet, Toccoa Falls is 26 feet taller than Niagara Falls – I just had to see it!

I adventured, on this lovely Columbus Day, to northern Georgia. I drove through many small desolate towns filled with grazing cattle, rows of hay fields, and eagles flying overhead.

The actual town of Toccoa is quite the diamond in the rough, it reminded me very much of Moxie Falls in Northern Maine. It was interesting to see a different side of Georgia, since we currently live in a more urban area.

At the Toccoa Falls Welcome Center, operated by some of the local college students, I paid the $2.00 fee upon entry (all visitors were required to pass through the gift shop to get to the falls). Once pointed in the right direction, I lugged my trip-pod and headed 100 yards out.
toccoa-falls-5toccoa-falls-1toccoa-falls-2toccoa-falls-3toccoa-falls-4I hope everyone enjoyed their day and got a chance to recharge!

9 thoughts on “Visiting Toccoa Falls in Northern Georgia

  1. Mack says:

    These pictures are GORGEOUS!!! I have never been here in Georgia- only the Blue Ridge mountains- but when I go back to visit some family I will have to make a separate trip for the falls. xo

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