Outgrowing My First DSLR Camera

I photograph as a hobby, because I truly love it. I originally started taking photos because a former boyfriend who owned a limo business had wanted pictures for his new website. All the stock photos for purchase were extremely cheesy, so I offered to help give the site a more personal touch.


Snapping away in Cape Elizabeth, ME

I bought a beginner camera, the Canon Rebel T3i DSLR at Best Buy, which seemed easy enough to operate. I didn’t know a lot about cameras back then and didn’t want to spend a fortune, so it was a pretty quick decision.

With my new DSLR in hand, I organized the shoot. I set a date, enlisted a friend to be a model, and went at it. After, I was completely hooked. Ever since, I have photographed as a hobby, for friends and acquaintances free of charge. I did this to hone my skills, it also relieved the pressure of it being a business. It was more about creating something beautiful and memorable, than getting paid.


My first photo session with my Canon Rebel T3i (first DSLR)

Once I realized I loved taking pictures, I decided to expand my gear. For birthdays and holidays camera accessories and lenses were the perfect gift! The stock lens collected dust, I practiced with a tripod, specialty lenses, shutter release, UV filters, etc. I took a photography class with my favorite Maine photographer and learned the ins and outs of my Rebel.

When you get really comfortable shooting…

Just recently I have yearned to explore more. I can clearly see a difference in full-frame cameras and cropped sensors, there is a noticeable lack of fine detail in the photographs. Yes, I can still make beautiful pictures, but I want to run with the big boys (and girls). But am I willing to throw down $1,500-$3,500 on a new Canon? Oy!

Mastering my little T3i took some time, I have been shooting with it for about four years and now finally feel it is time to let the old girl go. I hope my sweet camera brings joy and happiness to another looking to start out.

A good friend reminded me, if you love what you do, nothing else matters. I honestly don’t mind if I get one red cent from my photographs, it’s about inner joy and spending time on something I am passionate about. As I close this one chapter of my photography hobby, I hope to open a shiny new one.

3 thoughts on “Outgrowing My First DSLR Camera

  1. K.M. Sutton says:

    I have a friend who is a professional photographer. She switched over to Fuji and went mirrorless. Selling her gear made her incredibly nostalgic and she was commenting about all the memories she had from travel to her dogs, to her foundation for puppies. I never realized until talking to her how poignant cameras can be. But they don’t just capture images they reflect memories. ❤

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