How to Find Great Places to Wander° 

First and foremost, get out there and explore! This doesn’t have to be a different country or even a different state, there are spots close to where you are, the beauty is everywhere! I didn’t truly appreciate nature until I got older. Now in every spare moment I try to get off my booty and see a new place, even if it is just down the road.


Two Lights State Park, Cape Elizabeth, ME

Wandering and photographing is my “me time.” Precious time I use to focus on my personal self, my thoughts, and doing what makes me happy. This gives my brain a chance to recharge and focus. Sound like something you want to try?! Do it. Lace up those sneaks and get yourself in gear. To where you might ask? I will tell you. Here are some ways to find the coolest places to fulfill an eternal or newfound wanderlust:

Word of mouth: Ask around or listen carefully when someone tells you about an interesting/fun experience or place they visited. My friend and I used this method to hunt down a local sea-glass spot in Maine. We heard about it through another person and decided to try and find the exact spot, which supposedly boasted amazing amount of sea-glass. Let me tell you, this spot did not disappoint! Keep an ear open for fun hikes or day trips, you can also ask long-time residents in your area their favorite places to go, then check them out yourself.

Go online: Search the TripAdvisor website, and of course, read your favorite blogs! I enjoy seeing what everyone else likes to do in the area, TripAdvisor has a top 10 for just about any town, city, state or country you can imagine. Another great place to get ideas are travel and personal blogs. If there is a neat place, chances are someone has written about it. This is how I found a place called Rattlesnake Pool in New Hampshire, which was in the middle of the woods, down a dirt path, and opened up to a small waterfall and a swimming hole which boasted crystal clear water.

Browse social media: Instagram is one of my favorite places to scope new spots, it is a Rolodex for wanderers! I get a lot of my cool ideas from this social platform. Recently, I saw an IG post about an intriguing waterfall in Northern Georgia and decided I had to see it. I wandered 2.5 hours north and spent the better part of a day photographing this 186 foot wonder. My other secret weapon is to go where the photographers go! Their job is to know where the most scenic spots are… that is how I found Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island. A local Georgia photographer tagged the location on her IG post, and the photos were stunning. I put it on my list and went a few weeks later. You can also search hashtags for your city/state and get ideas that way.

Tell me, where are YOU wandering next?

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