Sunday is My Favorite Day Again…

Okay, it was never NOT my favorite day, but I had to pay homage to Silver Linings Playbook. I love the re-charge I get from a nice relaxing end to the week. Sunday is a day to sleep in, make a big breakfast, run errands, be lazy, and get ready for Monday.

Today I did just that. My husband and I slept in (he is on call for ER surgery but the phone never rang). After some snuggle time with Miss Elle, we got up and I made some eggs. It was nice to just sit and talk about things, my hubby is such a hoot and always makes me laugh.

Class starts on Tuesday of next week, but since I am taking four at once to finish my degree, I decided to get an early start on some of the assignments. After writing 3 discussion posts, 1 blog entry for school, and read from my course e-book, I decided I could now start my day.

I got ready and ran to Target for some things, even decided to grab stuff to make chocolate chip cookies – yum! Once home, I said goodbye to my husband who was leaving to go scuba diving with some guys he met here in GA. My husband was a dive instructor and loves the water. I am happy he got to go today (even while still on call).

Now of course I am blogging, and I got to read some great posts thanks to my WordPress Reader. My favorite from today was definitely Dear Instagram, I’m Calling Bull**** by Louise Brady. I am hoping the trend of being one’s genuine true self will catch on. I will keep writing (and sharing) ’til it does!

I am now heading to the couch to read more of the amazing book No Higher Honor. I am about 200 pages in and I cannot seem to put it down. I never thought foreign policy would interest me as much as it does, Rice makes it palpable and easy to understand. I will likely do a full post when I finish. The book is very interesting read and gives a first hand account of what actually goes on in the White House during a foreign crisis.

Definitely going to start making and baking those cookies today, too. I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday and gets to spend time with something they love and do something they enjoy.

One thought on “Sunday is My Favorite Day Again…

  1. Mack says:

    I just read that article you posted and LOVED it. It scares me… the lack of authenticity now-a- days. People live for the “like”. It’s sad and I worry about generations down the line that do not know any different (like those 13 year old girls she mentioned). It’s such an easy thing to get pulled into too. Thanks for bringing that to attention

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