Rattlesnake Pool at Blueberry Mountain

Blueberry Mountain sits in Stoneham, Maine adjacent to the beautiful Mount Washington Valley in New Hampshire. In July of 2015, I had the pleasure of finding this beautiful mountain and among it was Rattlesnake Pool.

The entrance to the trail was actually located in New Hampshire (not Maine) and I recall having a very hard time finding it, even with the help of a FAQ from the All Trails website. The entrance looked almost like a driveway, which I later learned was a driveway. The area is privately owned, however they grant access to hikers and wanderers like myself (thank goodness).
rattlesnake-pool-1After driving down a long dirt road I saw a small iron gate which was open. I parked my car in the small lot and set off. I walked down another long dirt road and soon found the entrance to the Stone House Trail for Blueberry Mountain. Everything was well-marked and easy to spot.

The hiking trail split off and quickly gave way to Rattlesnake Pool. Thankfully, after careful inspection, there were no snakes in sight, however there was a pool so clear you could see the bottom. The water ran downstream and funneled into a small waterfall before collecting. Everything was incredibly green and lush, it looked like a movie scene!
IMG_2876In true doggie fashion, Miss Elle immediately took a swim and was drenched from snout to tail. I took in the scene and ouldnt believe this lovely hidden gem. I had heard of visitors swimming in the pool, but it one of those unseasonal New England days which was not ideal for a dip. Brrr!

I went on to hike the mountain which had some spectacular views and yes, there were quite a few blueberries to be had! Yet nothing compared to the hidden pool…a sight I will remember forever.

I’d also like to take a moment to mourn the Canon lens cap which was lost to a large waterfall plume that day. She was a brave soul and was taken way before her time.

One thought on “Rattlesnake Pool at Blueberry Mountain

  1. K.M. Sutton says:

    I love Rattlesnake Falls. The pool does not look real even when you see it in person. It is so green. And cold! I went there on an almost ninety degree day and I think the water was still in the sixties! Definitely one of my favorite places 🙂 ❤

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