A Few Days to Recharge

I am one of those women who knows when I need some downtime. I thankfully haven’t gotten sick in two years (way to go immune system) and I have managed to keep the stress levels low – even when planning a wedding in two weeks and relocating to a new area, thousands of miles from familiarity.

Women can do it all, and in heels no less, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need a respite once in a while! When I start feelings burnt out, I take some time. I am lucky to have plenty of paid time off at my job, I use it when I need a personal day or just time to recharge. This week was one of those times.
Relax.jpgI just finished my second to last term of school and now a new one is starting right up. Work has also been insane. Our fiscal year ends in October, this means everyone is running around trying to spend every last budget dollar and it all needs to gets accounted for…not that I don’t love managing a hefty marketing budget, but this girl needs a break!

Early in the work week I decided to take Thursday and Friday off. One of those stay-cation/long weekend deals where I could sleep in and watch Netflix 8 hours a day. I ended up watching a show called Doctor Foster which blew my little mind (the dinner scene in episode 4 was bonkers). Most often I don’t have a moment for any “Netflix and chill,” but with my time off, I made it happen! I also ran some errands and checked a few items off my personal to-do list.

These two days were just the recharge I needed to get myself back in the swing of things!

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