A Trip to the Western Carolina State Fair

My husband heard about a local fair in Aiken, SC happening this weekend and he asked if I wanted to go. We had both been studying non-stop and decided a day out of the house was just what the doctor ordered (pun intended).

The drive to Aiken was about forty minutes, we hopped in the car and headed east on the I-20. My husband grew up near the Topsfield Fair in Massachusetts, so this GA operation would likely pale in comparison. I knew we would have fun anyway and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some yummy food!

In the north, our fair treat of choice is fried dough. Matt said his co-workers at the hospital had never heard of this and we were both disappointed. I quickly realized in the south they have an equivalent called funnel cake, which is almost the same idea. Either way, I was getting something sweet!

The Fair.jpg

iPhone shot edited in Lightroom

Once inside the grounds, we decided to do a few rounds and select which rides we should go on. I opted for the ferris wheel (aka “Dutch Wheel”) and Matt decided on a ride called “The Tornado.” The name itself should have been a red flag. The Tornado was very similar to a tilt-a-whirl, however the platform actually rises at a 90 degree angle while the carts are spinning at 360 degrees. Oh boy.

We got in line for “The Tornado” and soon it was our turn. As we got buckled in, I quickly realized this was not a good idea but I decided to carpe the diem and just have fun. The ride started to ramp up and the carts began to twirl. I felt my stomach get butterflies as we spun around in circles, the ride moving even faster and rising to its full height. Visions of the cart popping off the hinges and flying across the fairgrounds was the only thing that preoccupied my mind. Get me off this thing!

 The Fair II.jpg

iPhone shot edited in Lightroom

My spindly 6’4″ husband was wedged in next to me, I crashed into him with each and every spin. The girl beside me was freaking out and clinging to her boyfriend for dear life, I could see her knuckles turning white. Matt then said, “oh no, that girl is going to puke.” My heart stopped. We watched a young girl in another cart toss her cookies mid-ride. Ugh, poor thing!

Once the ride was over, we both felt queasy. Sadly, my longing for fair food had somehow diminished. My stomach was still in knots from the ride. We left shortly after. My advice: skip “The Tornado” at all costs and just get some funnel cake!

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