Scrubbing In…

Thank goodness there is only one doctor in the family! I did get pretend for one night. These scrubs are like pajamas, so very comfy… I am still wearing them actually. Well, it was our first Halloween here in Georgia, the day was a warm 86 degrees and it finally got dark around 6:45pm. My husband and I were excited for the Halloween fun to begin!
img_3802Matt dressed up as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, complete with an inflatable belly. I was a surgeon…but mostly the kids couldn’t stop gawking at Stay Puft – he got fist bumps, high fives, blown kisses and one “I love you.” Matt really knows how to work an audience.
img_3807I had a classic monster mash soundtrack playing for the kids, we greeted each and every little trick-or-treater with big smiles and an overflowing bowl of candy. We did get one Ghostbuster who was adamant on destroying Stay Puft – my husband played it up, running away from the child’s light up toy Proton Pack.

By 8pm the street was quiet. All in all, it was quite the fun evening and I look forward to dressing up again next year. I hope everyone had a safe Halloween night!

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