Time to Say Goodbye…

I know it was time. We’d been together for so long, yet I had other plans. I didn’t want to be held back, truncated by your inadequacies. Even at the end, all those hours we spent together, they weren’t easy to forget. I needed to grow, to become something more. Sadly, you could only take me so far.

There were many memories we captured together, I revel sweetly in those moments. I had not choice but to set you free. Now you are gone to another, someone who can love you better than I can. I somehow have to move forward and find a replacement, one who can unequivocally meet my needs.

Now, you are nestled in front of a twelve year-old boy and filming YouTube videos. I hope you will be happy there; capturing new memories with your owner. I know we had a good run. You were special, my first. Now you are again someone’s first, and he will love you too.

Goodbye, to my dear camera.

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