The No-So Perfect Moments

Life isn’t perfect. Far from it. Although looking from the outside in, some lives may seem picture perfect. When sharing with the outward world, we tend to only focus on the good. Not the messy hard times. I think challenges, and the grace we show in those times, make us who we are. I know this is definitely true for me. God likes to test me in the littlest ways, to ensure I am learning the lessons He has planned for me. This week there were a few not-so perfect moments, which in the scheme of things, seem pretty trivial.

In the essence of sharing the great, good, and not-so-good moments and being real, I am going to divulge some of the challenges I faced this week:

Someone tried to scam me on the internet. I have a lovely [read: expensive] coat I am selling online through an app. A user from the app messaged me and we agreed to a price. I was friendly and I said I would mail it quickly…I got the coat all boxed up and the transaction was complete. I got an email from the app service team stating the user tried to conduct false business and was removed. I thankfully hadn’t yet shipped the item, but I was quite hurt someone would try to steal from me.

My iPad screen shattered for no reason. I watched a movie on my iPad, then put it on my nightstand before bed. When I woke in the morning, the screen somehow shattered. The device was never dropped or bumped. I took it to the Apple store, they—in so many words—said they didn’t believe my “story” and they couldn’t help me. Ouch.

I had an intense allergy attack. I don’t know if it was the Georgia air, but something got to me! I woke up feeling sniffly, however I thought it would pass. By midday I was a sloppy mess, complete with exhaustion. I had never experienced allergy symptoms so acute. This attack was head on and unrelenting; thankfully a few days later the Claritin kicked in.

So there you have it—my messy and imperfect life. Like I said, these are tiny blips in the scheme of things. Honestly, it makes me appreciate my life and the wonderful things I am blessed with—my family, husband, friends, career, education, health…the list goes on. Sometimes it helps to rant about a bad week, yet remain thankful for the incredible weeks that lay ahead.

6 thoughts on “The No-So Perfect Moments

  1. thedaintyfarmstead says:

    Sometimes in my case I either have an amazing week where I’m on top of all the laundry, dishes, work is going great then there is week’s like this week where I just cant seem to catch up on is a mess, dishes are in the sink, work is stressful and I’m exhausted. But those good weeks out weight the bad because like you said I’m very blessed to have a wonderful Fiance, great health, good job, and my faith is strong. Nice to know I’m not the only one who struggles like this 🙂

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  2. K.M. Sutton says:

    My mentor told me “You need the bad in order to appreciate the good.” I completely agree with him. The “bad” moments or little blips in life, definitely make us appreciate what we have. If it was all good all the time, we would take many things for granted. I hope you are feeling better. ❤

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  3. K.M. Sutton says:

    I have never seen it, but I will have to put it on my list to watch now. 🙂 He is big on dualities. The good and the bad. Yin and yang. It is something I can connect to deeply on a personal level. That is a great thing! As long as we are breathing we are blessed 🙂 Miss you too! ❤

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  4. lovejennyxo says:

    This post is great for how genuine it is. Your absolutely right, people never want to showcase the bad but bad does happen in real every day life. It was thoughtful, awesome, and creative that you could expose the mishaps and challenges that you faced and turned it into a blog post. Love that idea. Although I am sorry that those mishaps did occur! Hopefully with some bad came some good! 🙂

    xo, JJ


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