Time to Exhale….

Oh my gosh, what a week! I flew to Maine for work and packed every non-working moment spending time with friends and family. I drove to Brunswick, ME to see my brother and sister-in law. We had lunch at a lovely place called Frontier. It was so nice to catch up with the pair; we gabbed for almost two hours. These two just got a new rescue dog and it was adorable to hear about him and see pictures. They both lit up when talking about their new addition!

I was able to also catch up with some of my girlfriends, in one of my favorite places: Kennebunkport. We ate a Bandaloop, which was a real treat—the food was obscenely good. I felt some much joy seeing my friends and getting udpated on their lives. Being so far away can take a toll on relationships, but I try to make seeing my friends a top priority when I come home.
We had our work holiday party at the picturesque Cellar Door Winery. This venue just opened and it is stunning! Located on Thompson’s Point in Portland, this is Maine’s newest hot spot. The interior is divinely decorated, the walls are lined with their signatures wines. During the party they offered wine tasting, although I did not partake, I heard the selections were delicious.

I saw my Dad too, we decided to head to Boston for the night. Faneuil Hall was lit up and decorated to the hilt; complete with a carefully choreographed musical light show, featuring the tallest Christmas tree I have ever seen. After walking around, we headed to the North End for some pizza. We decided on Benevento’s. Oh my word, the best pizza and our server was the cutest! After, we headed to Modern Pastry and I got a cream puff that tasted like heaven!
Maine had a bit of a blizzard while I was back. I upgraded my rental to an AWD SUV, to make sure I could make it to the office without incident. The sky dumped three inches or so in Portland, making me grateful I don’t have to deal with those storms in the Peach State.

It was great to be back home; my time with family was wonderful and I am very thankful I can go back each month and see them. Of course, I missed my wonderful husband, who knows my love for flowers and surprised me with a half-dozen in a pale peach color. Oh, life is good!

7 thoughts on “Time to Exhale….

  1. K.M. Sutton says:

    This made me happy reading this. I am so happy for you that you were able to see everyone! I will have to try the Cellar Door Winery. It looks adorable. Omg I love Benevento’s. So yummy. Some year you will have to visit Rock Center. That tree is enormous! You feel like an ant when you stand underneath the branches. ❤

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  2. lovejennyxo says:

    Rhiannon!!! You were in Boston?!!!! Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market is for sure my favorite spot to go for the lights- so glad you got to see the light show! Did you walk about the Christopher Columbus archway (past faneuil closer to the Harbor) thats lit up all blue? That’s one of my favorite things seeing lit up! Modern pastry is awesome, totally over looked because everyone is too busy going to Mikes.
    I absolutely LOVE Kennebunkport, I went there for the first time last year which is crazy bc I used to drive by it ALL the time but never stopped. Probably my favorite little beach town, its so cute!
    Ps- such a sweet husband with great taste 😉 the pale peach color is my second favorite next to white roses!

    xo, JJ

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    • rhiannonkarynn says:

      Boston was stunning. We actually planned to skate at the new Winter Village but the line was a mile long, oy! I didn’t make it to the waterfront… we made a mad dash for the pizza. Modern Pastry was so good, I agree it is a hidden gem.

      Also, KBPT is one of my all time favorite places on earth… a lot of great memories there.

      And yes, hubbs is a keeper. He knows how to forever spoil his wife! 🙂

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