About Me

My name is Rhiannon [Ree-ann-nin] but I will honestly answer to just about anything. The name means “great queen”, which has an old Celtic origin and is surprisingly pretty accurate. I currently live in Evans, Georgia with my husband Matt and our two dogs: Miss Elle and the ever-handsome Nero.

Matt and I just got married last June. We are now starting our life together in Georgia, as he is a med student and working on his clinical rotations here in the south.


Photo Credit: Claudia Murray

I am a huge marketing nerd, who loves the Pantone® rainbow and some good, cheeky copy. I am a woman who loves to laugh and make new memories. You can find me behind a camera 90% of the time, whether it be my DSLR or my trusty iPhone… there is always a photograph waiting to happen. You also can’t go wrong with some strategically-placed lens flare.

Just like the typical thirty-something, I am a big fan of fashion and style. Right now I am a bit boho-obsessed, but who knows what other trends will catch this girl’s eye! In addition to fashion, I love to explore and travel. This could be down the road or to another state or country. My bucket list seems to be growing longer by the day.
All-in-all, I am a down-to-earth woman who, most importantly, is an advocate of volunteering, helping others and human kindness. This means making the inside match the outside. Yes clothes and makeup are fun, but what we do for others at the end of the day is our legacy. I am a firm believer in the total package, and having it all.