Gibbs Gardens & 20 Million Daffodils

There are no words! Gibbs Gardens is located 1 hour north of Atlanta and about 3 hours from Evans. The drive was well worth it, a hundred times over! Gibbs Gardens boasts 20 million (yes, million) daffodil blooms each year. The grounds were nothing like I have ever seen. Get this on your bucket list now! Below are my favorite snaps from the garden:


Equipment: Canon 5d Mark III, 50MM prime lens, tri-pod, and shutter release.

Birthday Roses

My birthday roses were the perfect photography subject! Shot with my Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm prime lens, natural window lighting, ISO 100, aperture f/4.0 +/-, shutter speed 1/200 sec. “Warm Retro” preset, edited in Lightroom.


New York City: Trip Highlights

New York City highlights: seeing my BFF @ankhoryou, drinking coffee, takeout from Pizza Beach, the 360° view from Top of the Rock, drinking more coffee, french toast at Maison Kayser, walking seven miles a day, freezing my buns off, visiting DUMBO, riding the cleanest subway on earth, Nutella crepes at Eataly, cracking jokes about polenta, the skyline from Brooklyn, getting my pasta featured on a #random foodie IG, strolling through Chelsea Market, seeing signs for ‘nude sunbathers’ on The Highline, enjoying pancakes for lunch, spending hours at Cafe Jax doing classwork, scouring Nordstrom Rack, learning how to use Boomerang, and taking too many pictures:


Learning How to Bounce Flash

I have always been a natural light kinda girl, but with the addition of my new Canon Speedlite, I have been exploring the world of flash photography. Flash can bounce off almost any surface and have varying intensities, depending on the angle and settings.

“Bounce flash is when, rather than firing your flash pointing directly at your subject, you point it elsewhere typically up or at an angle, bouncing off a wall or ceiling. The objective is to “bounce” light to soften it before it hits your subject.”
– Garry Chung, Digital Photography School

Below I used natural light (a window) and then added in some diffused bounce flash to give a very dreamy/high exposure feel.



Anyone else trying new techniques with their camera? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section.