Planning a Trip to Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks

My husband has a rotation in WY this summer, so I decided to see some of the beautiful West and make it a trip. Who knows, we could end up there for residency!

Since my hubby will be working, I invited my brother to come along; he loves to hike and has never been out West. We will spend 5 days in Yellowstone and 2-3 days in Grand Teton/Jackson Hole. I purchased an annual park pass and have our lodging all set up.  This is my first time to these park/area and I welcome any advice or tips—also any recommendations for must-see areas.

On the agenda:

  • Sight-seeing
  • Hiking
  • Photographing nature/landscapes
  • Rafting (possibly)


I welcome any and all advice/tips!

Thank you! ❤

The Magic of Disney, Surviving Stats, and Getting Promoted

A lot has happened in the last few months! As many of you know I am working full-time and also pursuing my Master of Arts full-time, which leaves very little time for blogging. Thanks to the holiday this week and light coursework, I am able to share a life update.

On April 3rd my husband and I, along with another couple, headed south to Florida. My husband rarely gets time off in between rotations, but this time he had almost a week. We decided a Disney vacation was in order. My husband’s family grew up going to Disney World every year (lucky). I went once and vaguely remember it. This meant, I could experience the magic like new! We had such a fun time, a few highlights:

  • Maimed for life at the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue. I was pulled on stage and made my appearance as the “CanCan Girl”… I made sure to give a pseudonym so I could deny it ever happened.
  • Riding Mission Space at Epcot and realizing the ride has a holder for vomit bags… which were empty.
  • Eating dinner at Raglan Road in Disney Springs, the fish and chips were amazing!
  • Going backwards on the Expedition Everest roller coaster and seeing our priceless expressions at the photo stations.
  • Being singled out at the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor… they made Matt and me pretend to have head antennas and nuzzle each other.
  • Riding the Rockin’ Roller Coaster TWICE.
  • Walking 7-10 miles a day and begging for mercy by 10pm.

FullSizeRenderIMG_5340 2IMG_5452 2IMG_5438 2IMG_3560

What an awesome trip. I needed a vacation from my vacation! As soon as we returned Matt headed off to his next rotation. He is nearing the end of his schooling, which is super exciting!

In my graduate program we have to take MBA535, also known as Analytical Tools. This is a glorified name for statistical analysis… which is very challenging. I took stats in my undergrad and this is basically the same thing. Coming from an online program in my past, I knew there would be very little teaching and I would need a tutor (math like this is NOT my strong suit). We are in week four which is the half way point… with my tutor in tow, I have managed to survive!

Lastly, and the icing on the cake, is my promotion. I had been working so hard at my job and waited patiently for a bump to the next level. I have worked on the team for four years; I watched others get promoted and waited for my turn. I worked hard and kept my head down, praying for the day. In early April, that day came! My boss got me on the phone and let me know the great news: I was promoted to Vice President, Marketing Manager! I was elated and could not hold back my excitement. Four long years of hard work had paid off.

Do you have exciting news? Let me know in the comments section!

Gibbs Gardens & 20 Million Daffodils

There are no words! Gibbs Gardens is located 1 hour north of Atlanta and about 3 hours from Evans. The drive was well worth it, a hundred times over! Gibbs Gardens boasts 20 million (yes, million) daffodil blooms each year. The grounds were nothing like I have ever seen. Get this on your bucket list now! Below are my favorite snaps from the garden:


Equipment: Canon 5d Mark III, 50MM prime lens, tri-pod, and shutter release.

New York City: Trip Highlights

New York City highlights: seeing my BFF @ankhoryou, drinking coffee, takeout from Pizza Beach, the 360° view from Top of the Rock, drinking more coffee, french toast at Maison Kayser, walking seven miles a day, freezing my buns off, visiting DUMBO, riding the cleanest subway on earth, Nutella crepes at Eataly, cracking jokes about polenta, the skyline from Brooklyn, getting my pasta featured on a #random foodie IG, strolling through Chelsea Market, seeing signs for ‘nude sunbathers’ on The Highline, enjoying pancakes for lunch, spending hours at Cafe Jax doing classwork, scouring Nordstrom Rack, learning how to use Boomerang, and taking too many pictures: