The Elle Update

Miss Elle is my cheeky 3 year old nugget, an English Cocker Spaniel with lots of energy and love to give. I know, I know, another long-legged blonde, just what the world needs! Elle was born in Sweet Home, Oregon and was almost named “sweetie”. She enjoys the beach and swimming year-round. To my dismay, also a huge fan of mud baths.
Elle Beach (1).jpgElle was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease late last year (2015), which is a chronic illness where her body does not produce enough hormones that are required to live. Thanks to my savvy veterinarian, he caught the disease before it reached a critical stage.

My little furry darling is now medicated and requires monthly injections but leads a normal, happy (and very spoiled) life.  I will share updates on Miss Elle and her shenanigans and post them here… you never know what this little love bug will get herself into! [February 11, 2016]
2014-12-29_1419873995Elle received her annual vaccinations yesterday and her checkup went great – except she is now about six pounds overweight. Oy! Elle’s medication (Prednisone, a steroid) makes her extremely hungry. All the time. She literally jumps out of bed at 5:30 ready to eat. I have to coax her back to sleep until at least 7. Honestly though, it is my fault. I have been way to lackadaisical about her intake and the poor girl isn’t feeding herself. Mom is to blame!

A healthy weight for Miss Elle is about 30 pounds. Right now my little chubby bunny is at 36 – yikes! Since the weather is turning around we can get back into the habit of twice-daily walks and weekend hikes. I will keep everyone posted on how she is doing with her weight management. Other than that, my sweet lady got a clear bill of health. [March 17, 206]
Elle Beach2 (1).jpgMiss Elle is down to 29.6 pounds! Her vet was quite proud of her (and me) for dropping the weight. Medication will always make my sweet girl hungry, but it isn’t healthy to be overweight. I am sticking with carrots for treats, she seems to enjoy them and they won’t make her put on the pounds. Elle has also started a new daycare and seems to love playing with all the other dogs a few days a week! [April 28, 2016]

Since our move to Georgia Elle hasn’t yet had her blood checked, so we had a visit to a local vet yesterday. Her blood panel came back normal for both potassium and sodium, which is awesome! This means her Addison’s is under control. Sadly, Elle was diagnosed with hormonal incontinence, which she is now taking meds twice daily to deal with that issue. Otherwise, Elle is living a happy and active life and loves our daily trips to the dog park! [August 4, 2016]

Elle turned four on August 14! My little nugget is growing up. To celebrate her birthday, we gifted her an automatic dog feeder. Peanut liked to get up at the crack of dawn for her first meal, but her parents did not. The feeder is a miracle. She sprints when she hears it turn on and can’t get to the bowl fast enough. She hilariously thinks Daddy’s paper shredder is also her feeder and gets all excited when she hears that motor buzzing. [September 28, 2016]